Silver Plan

Full hardware and software repair

                                                   $70.00  one (1) time Payment    


                            Gold Plan 

  1. Monthly Backups
  2. System Clean up
  3. Web Protection
  4. Email Protection
  5. Anti-virus Protection
  6. Remote / On-site support
  7. Physical / Software upgrade

                                                         Total Monthly $40.00 

                                                    Bitcoin  Monthly ₿ 1.149


                             Web Design

Plan 1

Creation of simple web-page   $350 |  ₿ 3.0

Monthly Maintenance of the web-page $100 (optional)


 Plan 2

Monthly Maintenance of the web-page $100/m

Professional for more details


           SSL certification

           web-page backup

           web-page security 

           Web-page Analytics             



                    Independent charges 

Anti-virus Protection ..............$10.00/m | Bitcoin  ₿ 1.0

Mobile Anti-Virus.....................$10.00/m | Bitcoin ₿ 1.0

Backups.............$40.00 | Bitcoin ₿ 5.0    

System Password Recovery......$50.00  | Bitcoin ₿ 6.0

Computer Purchase Consulting...$20.00 | Bitcoin  ₿ 2.0       

Security Consulting.........$20.00 | Bitcoin   ₿ 2.0

Tuneup..........$20.00 |   Bitcoin  ₿ 2.0

Virus Removal.......$50.00 | Bitcoin ₿ 5.0

App creation  ( call for details )

Computer Data Recovery ( call for details )

Customization ( call for details )

Security Camera installation( call for details )_



Affordable & Reliable Service

LcNeighborhood-IT, LLC breaks the myth that IT services will break your bank account. Also gone is the idea that repairs are a hassle or that they will likely take days to complete. Our professional, dependable IT service techs come to your home or business location by appointment to perform any necessary reparation or setup work. As an added bonus, it won't cost a lot. For only $19 you can have a tune-up done to get your PC running at faster speeds. If we notice that you have a virus, we can remove it for only $65. Error messages can be fixed and we may even be able to recover data you thought was lost forever. All you need to do is ask. Chances are we can have the problem fixed and your PC up and running again in no time at all. Even if you have encountered the blue screen of death, our onsite services in Miami, Aventura, Pembroke Pines, and Hollywood can be of help. Now serving the entire United Stated via remote support.