Project Luz Dominica Haiti

This project was the inspiration of the young adults members of St. Dominic Catholic Church in Miami. The project, launched in 2015, was aimed at bringing aid to 3 organizations in Haiti - an orphanage and 2 schools.  Project Luz Dominica Haiti was created to provide food, clothing, school supplies  and computer equipment for the benefit of some of the most underprivileged children in Haiti. Working towards improving their education, LCNeighborhood-IT, provided diverse school equipment, calculators, books, PC monitors, keyboards, Laptops and other equipment necessary to create a computer lab to help out the struggling community.


The laptops  were initially donated to us by several of our client companies. They were outdated and no longer in use, LCNeighborhood, refurbished them, installed the latest Windows software operating system, and donated them to the Project.  We were able to provide 7 laptops for the kids, with all the necessary software to be able to help the kids and their teachers, thus providing a better education and understanding of technologies. We hope to have planted the seeds of technology for a much brighter future, one where a kid can be an engineer, a doctor, a school teacher or anything their heart desires. 

Liquid Computer

This "project" was donated to St. Dominic's Church. This computer had seen better days and was destined to become hardware history (go into the garbage bin ), but we took a look at the computer and felt that perhaps we could restore it and give it a new purpose.

Watch the videos below to see what we did!

The church doesn't know about our new project yet, and we are going to surprise them by donating  it to them and showing that it still has a few more good years left to be enjoyed ! :) 


To see the video click the link here: Part 1   Part 2