Project Luz Dominica Haiti.

      This project was the inspiration of the members of the Catholic church name St Dominic this members are young adults. The project was to bring aid to 3 organization in Haiti an orphans, 2 school, the project was to take food, clothing and school equipment for the benefit for the kids. In the school equipment, we had taken pencils, calculators, books and computers, Laptops to be more exact.

     The laptops were donated by different organizations , and they have been repair by the Leslie Calvo, and he`s company, it was provided 7 laptops for the kids with the operation system of widows 7 professional with all the necessary software need to be able to help the kids and  teacher, thus providing a better education and understanding of technologies for the purpose of that one day a kids can dream to become a computer engineer  or better to have better future.

Liquid Computer

This is a project was donated to the church St Dominic, this computer had seen better days that been say the computer was going to be place in the historical store ( garbage can ) we saw the computer and we felt that we could restore it and give is a new purpose to the computer that been say the video above show what we had done, the church docent  know about it and we are going to surprise them by donating to them and show that is still has a good few more year to be used :) 


To see the video click the link here: Part 1   Part 2