Neighborhood-IT was founded with the intent of adding those with the need of computer repair services. LcNeighborhood-IT was founded in 2005 by  Mr. Leslie Calvo. 

       LcNeighborhood-IT has now grown to expand the service not only for computer repair but as well to Data Recovery & Management, Implementation of private & public networks, Web Design & Cellphone Data recovery. 

       We have come to the aid of not only to individuals near our location but all over the world in two different continents.

         LcNeighborhood-IT will keep providing it services to those that will like to expand their horizons in the areas of digital Technology. 


Owner - Leslie Calvo
My passion has always been helping others, in one arena or another. After graduating from my AA in computer Science in 2010, I took the opportunity to expand this small business consulting firm. Boulder's strong support for local home users and small businesses was very encouraging and helped start us in the right direction. 

I believe that good service sells itself, eliminating the need to hide pricing in product mark-ups. Once this philosophy was in place, it freed us up to offer free, low-cost, and cloud-based solutions avoided by the currently-entrenched I.T. firms. My goal is to keep the roots where everything stared helping those with the need of computer services, the home owners. Each of them help this company grow each day to new heights.

LcNeighborhoodIT seeks to help small company but must important the home users. Our love of working with people helping them solve problems and advice them of the best technology for their used.

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