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Is your computer running slow? Do you need PC technician in your area? If so, you might want to give us a call. We are here for your needs. we can and will provide 100% service. and we will resolve whatever urgency you may have  when it come to technology. Don't wait give us a call. you wont regret it. We come to your location, there is no need to for you come to us. We service the ares of Miami, Doral, Coral Gable, Miami Gardens, Miami Lakes, and more. 

Fast Service
If you have buy a new hardware or software and are your having problems with it, our computer experts can help you. From network, servers and workstation support to wiring & wireless connections. We can get your system setup so you can begin using it. Website design is as well offered along with many other services. 

App Creation 


Onsite Visits
Telephone and Remote Support
Sophisticated Repair Center
Full Hardware and Software Repairs
Data Recovery
Independent  pre-purchase advice 

Virus Removal

Full hardware and software repairs

System Cleanup

Backups and Security
Independent pre-purchase advice
Security consulting
Web Design
Data Recovery for Computers
Backup and Security 

For fast Support give us a Call 

Tel: (786)468-9187

Our Mission 

Our mission is to help small business leaders and individuals get the most of their technology investments, As well as to aid them in any technology needs.

Our Values 

We deliver 110%, and everyone is a team player

We understand the urgency in the services we provide

We respect and understand the customer